There are many people that deal with excessive sweating in their day to day life. A lot of those people do not even know that this is a disease that they could be receiving treatment for. Excessive sweating is known in the medical community as hyperhidrosis and there are actually numerous treatments that can be used to bring relief for those that suffer with it.


First, there are quite a few oral medications that can work to treat hyperhidrosis. While these medications aren't especially marketed for hyperhidrosis they increase dryness in the body which then helps stop the sweating. Occasionally people have a hard time with these medications, however, because they do not specifically target sweat glands, and instead target the entire body.


Next, you can also try lotions or powders to help with hyperhidrosis. These topical treatments are usually made with an antiperspirant agent like aluminum chloride, the type of ingredient that is usually found in deodorant. This type of solution is a higher strength making it more effective, but the effects are not typically long lasting and the ointment needs to be reapplied regularly in order to hold off the sweating issues. Know the Beverly Hills breast augmentation cost here!


There are also very effective treatments that one can receive from a cosmetic surgery center. Botox, though commonly used to deal with facial wrinkles, can also be used for help with hyperhidrosis. The Botox blocks the chemical reaction for sweating and temporarily cures the hyperhidrosis. The Botox is effective for around 6 months and then needs to be redone. Though this can be pricey, there is a very high success rate and that is worth it to many patients.


Another cosmetic surgery treatment that is effective for use with hyperhidrosis is a surgery that actually permanently damages or removes the part of the nervous system that controls sweating. This is obviously a long-term treatment of hyperhidrosis and for those that have the financial capabilities and the time that needs to be available for recovery, this is a very successful choice. Those who suffer with hyperhidrosis on the hands are those that typically choose this treatment.



While hyperhidrosis can be a cumbersome affliction to live with, there is hope for those that suffer with this excessive sweating issue. By consulting a doctor, treatments can be found that are both oral and topical. By consulting a cosmetic surgeon, there are more long-term treatments that can help treat the hyperhidrosis. With a variety of choices for treatment, there is certainly one that can help treat your condition within your price range.